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General Questions

What is Romancelvania?

Romancelvania is a darkly comic genre mashup, combining side-scrolling action and tongue-in-cheek romance into one absurd and unforgettable adventure.

Play as a lovelorn, brooding Drac who, after a century of moping around post-heartbreak, is thrown into a monster reality-dating show, hosted by the Grim Reaper! Explore Transylvania’s perilous countryside as you slay absurd baddies on your hunt for the most eligible monsters. Will Drac find “Love at first Bite”, or discover “Love Sucks”?"

What can fans of Romancelvania expect?

Romancelvania’s fans will be able to experience living as the star of a reality show, while restoring your former glory after a century of heartbreak. As you explore past Drac’s castle into unknown territories, you will be able to recruit new contestants to become a dateable monster. You can flirt, seduce, and date any, none, or all monsters available to you to become closer to them and learn more about their “human” side. With a breadth of weapons, abilities, and items to unlock and equip, hack-and-slash absurd baddies across Transylvania with more intimidating boss enemies waiting for you around the corner. Exploration is king as you travel to stunning platformer environments full of secret treasures, wacky enemies, and hidden date spots to better improve your combat and relationship odds.

What platforms will Romancelvania be released on?

Romancelvania will be released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. As an indie studio, we aim to hit every platform if possible to make it accessible for the widest audience.

  • For PC, we will be releasing for Steam with other storefront platforms (Epic Games, Humble Bundle, etc.) to be determined post-launch.
  • Physical copies will be fulfilled by Limited Run Games for PS5 and Nintendo Switch for select Kickstarter backers. If this applies to you and you have questions regarding your backer rewards and status, please head over to the Romancelvania Kickstarter FAQ.

What is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition?

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a Digital OST and Specialty Weapon "Grim's Scythe" to slay your foes. It will only be available for Steam at this time with future platforms to be determined.

Is the soundtrack available for purchase?

The digital soundtrack will be available on either the Digital Deluxe Edition or for specific Kickstarter backers. If you are a backer and have any questions regarding your awards/status, please head over to the Romancelvania Kickstarter FAQ.

What languages is Romancelvania available in?

Romancelvania will include full audio and subtitle support for English. We are exploring additional subtitle language support, but are unable to confirm at this time.

I really enjoyed Romancelvania! What now?!

If you find yourself hungry for more, consider subscribing to our newsletter and hang out with us on social media! We love to engage with the community and are happy to hear any feedback/thoughts you have about the game.

Technical Questions

Does Romancelvania Demo offer both Gamepad & Keyboard/Mouse support?

Yes! For more info on connecting your favorite controller on Steam for PC, please visit https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/steam_controller/getting_started_for_players. For other platforms, please refer to the respective support website for specific instruction.

Can I stream and/or share video content on Twitch/YouTube/etc.?

Yes! Players are more than welcome to stream/record/screenshot/gif/meme their experience! We love watching each individual’s unique playthrough and appreciate any form of sharing online and offline.

Does Romancelvania include multiplayer/co-op?

Romancelvania is a single-player experience. If you want your friends to watch, we won’t judge!

I still have questions! Where can I reach out to get additional support?

If you are experiencing any funny bugs or technical issues during your playthrough, please submit all reports to info@thedeependgames.com.

In-Game Questions

What are my character options?

You will have appearance and voice options made available to you toward the start of the game. Select between masculine and feminine presenting appearances and voices to feel your most gothic. Note that these choices will be permanent and can not be undone.

Does the game include LGBTQ+ options?

Choices matter here at Romancelvania, where dating furry werewolves or underwater sirens are valid options. There are no restrictions on who you can romance no matter how you choose to present your vampire self. Feel free to date or befriend your favorite or everyone, it’s up to you!

Does the game include NSFW and/or mature content?

We have a saying on the team “naughty not dirty.” While the game is about building romantic and emotional relationships with characters, that does not mean we are including graphic nudity. We tell the story we need to tell, which may include language, dark comedy, stylized (not realistic) violence, substance abuse, sexual content, etc. However, none of this is gratuitous or exploitative. These are story-rich characters (despite being supernatural) who have very human needs, desires, and flaws.

Is this a Visual Novel (VN)?

The game is not a visual novel, but does include elements from other visual novels and dating sim games that you may be familiar with like conversation options, RPG mechanics, multiple romantic endings, and more.

How difficult is this game?

The game aligns more so with action-adventure platformers, but we are inspired by some of our favorite Metroidvania-like games like Castlevania. With three difficulty options to choose from, the game can be as casual or hardcore as you prefer. Whenever you’re here for the story, the romance, or the combat, there is variety for every type of player. Note that you can always change the difficulty option at any point throughout your playthrough.

Kickstarter Questions

I have a question related to the Kickstarter campaign. Where can I find more information?

For any Kickstater-related questions about your backer status and rewards, please head over to the Romancelvania Kickstarter FAQ. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, select “Ask a Question” on the right hand side and someone from our team will answer promptly!